MMM Vizyon Real Estate Consultancy was founded because it is aimed at improving the customers’ homes or properties to make them more sustainable and to provide a wide range of solutions. Our primary goal is to achieve a decent living standard by createing a long-lasting building, home, student dormitory and commercial buildings.

We enjoy working to find the right solutions that fit the budget and style and to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level. During the project development stage, We use the experience and expertise of our group companies to build structures that are in compliance with European standards and have optimum stability. As MMM Vizyon Real Estate Consultancy, we continue our activities in the following projects:

  • Construction
  • Renovation
  • Portfolio management

Construction and Renovation

We, MMM Vizyon Real Estate Consultancy, focus on design and construction. We offer all services such as construction from scratch, additions to existing buildings or remodeling according to every budget after making cost analysis.

With our open-minded staff and transparent communication processes, we guarantee you to achieve your desired results. We strive to meet your goals in everything from design to post-construction arrangements.

Do not make a decision without meeting the expert staff of MMM Vizyon Ga Real Estate Consultancy which will increase the market value of your property and ensure more profitable sales!

Portfolio Management

At MMM Vizyon Real Estate, we have a specialized staff to ensure more profitable sales and to increase the market value of your real estate, detached houses, commercial buildings, flats, etc. You can evaluate your existing properties with the help of our architects, engineers, project managers, modeling specialists and all other competent technical staff.

By contacting us, you can find out how you can handle your property depending on sales, rental or other investment factors as a result of detailed analysis of the physical and spatial characteristics of the land you own.

More than Real Estate

Helping you buy or sell real estate is at the center of our business. In doing so, being part of a group of companies and a large family always gives us confidence and faith. Our customers also benefit from the advantages of a community specialized in different subjects.

We do not see the service we provide to our customers as just a commercial activity. Our goal is to develop and organize living spaces for the building of a happier society. Thanks to this vision, we maintain our leading position in the industry by taking bold steps in real estate and project development.

It makes no difference whether to sell your property or to increase the value of your property! Our highly trained and talented representatives will always ensure you get the maximum conversion.