Atmaca Group

Established by Mustafa Atmaca in 2004, Atmaca Group has continuously expanded its field of activity and increased its customer portfolio. As of 2020, he has been working with Turkey’s and the world’s leading companies in the Construction and Defence industries as well as Health Tourism and Real Estate Project Development sectors.

Atmaca Group carries out successful projects in the most important and effective sectors of the economy. It has a unique expertise in the fields of Engineering, Technology and Infrastructure Projects with a customer-oriented approach and seeking for world-class quality.

Every aspect of Atmaca Group reveals its difference with its professionalism and corporate management standards. Sustainability and long-term growth are among our most important strategic principles.

We benefit from the competencies of our expert staff in order to support all our customers in the long term and to help them start new lines of business. We always follow technological developments to be an important actor worldwide and to maintain this position.

Atmaca 1 – 2 Construction Industry and Trade Inc. which belongs to Atmaca Group Companies deals with the construction and sale of residential, student dormitory and commercial buildings.

It carries out project development and portfolio management with MMM Vizyon Real Estate Advisory.

The World Health Network Company dealing with health tourism offers exclusive treatments in Turkey’s elite hospitals for its customers all around the world.

Atmaca Defense and Mining Inc. works in Armoring Technologies, Anti-Drone Systems, Jammer Systems and various security services.

Vision & Mission

Values are moral foundations for a company. The values of Atmaca Group are based on being proactive and innovative. All our employees maintain the corporate culture of our Group. It is the secret of our success in all our fields of activity.

The Values of Atmaca Group:

  • We care about the lives of humans and all other living things. We evauate promoting green solutions as a responsibility to future generations.
  • Honesty and transparency are extremely significant to us. This is the source of our ability to establish trust relationships with both our customers and our employees.
  • Our primary goal is that our customers get success in their projects. By understanding their needs better, we produce more efficient solutions.