World Health Network makes health tourism organizations for Turkey’s elite hospitals from around the World. With its branches in 27 countries, it has become a global actor in the field of health tourism and is a pioneering company authorized by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey.

Operating in 12 years, WHN is among the first companies in our country to step into this sector. Its mission is to ensure to get access of more people to healthcare by expanding the business volume day by day.

WHN continues to offer medical solutions for human health with its representatives in the United States, Britain, France, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Algeria, Ethiopia, Palestine, Iraq, Qatar, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Libya, Egypt, Mongolia, Pakistan, Sudan, Jordan, Congo, Gabon, Benin, Somalia, Oman, Lebanon, Mali and Chad.

Advantages of World Health Network

Through our company, we plan the requirements of hospital, accommodation and others of all our customers who want to benefit from medical services in advance. Due to the importance we attach to human health, from the beginning we determine how many days the whole process will take and prevent all problems patients encounter.

In addition to the basic needs of patients in Turkey, we also provide visa counseling, transfer services, interpretership, psychological counseling and 24/7 call center support. We also offer cultural tourism packages to customers who wish.

Through World Health Network, you can also take advantage of holiday opportunities with healthcare.

The Future of Health Services is at WHN!

As WHN, our basic principles are to ensure that more people have access to better healthcare, to raise awareness of good quality of healthcare services worldwide, and to contribute to the growth of the health sector with a perspective centered on human life around the World but especially in Turkey.

We are working for more people to benefit from global health services with peace of mind by purging the understanding that disregards human life and clearing the way for access to accurate information about the industry.

The aim of World Health Network is not only to provide treatment opportunities, but also to improve these opportunities. For this reason, we follow the technological and industrial developments that will create new opportunities in the health sector and we conduct research to put them into practice quickly.

If you want to benefit from tourism opportunities and take a step for your health with the difference of WHN, you can get detailed information and contact our representatives by visiting our website.