As Atmaca 1 – 2 Construction Industry and Trade Inc., we have a vision that is valid in all our projects. We plan all the details such as size, style, shape and colors and explain them in detail to costumers in order to make them visualize the result emerging at the end of the design and application stages.

The basis of our ability to realize groundbreaking projects is always working with experts who have this vision. We also expect likewise our customers to be innovative and forward-thinking. Due to this common thought and action, we create structures whose physical and functional features are admired.

We take the construction business seriously. For nearly 20 years, we have been doing this job at the highest level and will continue to do much longer.

We contribute to our customers to save time and money by thinking simple and making simple designs real. We always work to achieve better in security, quality, correct communication and planning.

How Do We Work At Atmaca Construction?

At Atmaca Construction, we have working principles adopted in order to use our customers’ resources and our own resources in the most efficient way.

We believe that production that does not match our customers’ needs is unnecessary. So, we eliminate surprise expenses by making all the planning in full detail before proceeding to the construction stage.

We know that the most important resource in every sector and project, including construction, is human. Therefore, we direct all possible human power – both physically and mentally – to the right job. We believe that new opportunities will arise from confrontation of different ideas. We create an environment of democratic and egalitarian dialogue in all project management and implementation processes. We create a democratic and equitable dialogue environment in all project management and implementation processes.

Meet the Complete Project Management Experience

There is no room for risk during a construction project. Whether they are built for commercial or housing purposes, structures that have direct effects on human life must be rigorously managed and implemented.

At Atmaca Construction, we always deal with risk factors gracefully. By calculating all risks in advance, we are prepared for unexpected negativities. The finance and analysis experts in our company are in constant cooperation and communication with the customer before and after the operation begins.

All possibilities need to be calculated to deal with risk. Atmaca Construction, with its 16 years of experience, can anticipate all risks that may occur , act proactively and prevent it before happening Our in-house trainings and our registration system that covers all the projects we carry out make our employees prepared to prevent a previous mistake.