We, Atmaca Defense and Mining Inc., are a leading company in the industry that provides advanced armoring technologies, anti-drone systems, jammer systems and security services. Due to our industrial capabilities and our investment in human understanding, we have become one of Turkey’s reputable companies. Our basic principles are to establish a sustainable working partnership and a well-planned financial roadmap in order to increase the value of all the institutions we work with.

To meet the national and global security needs, our specialty is the systems with the latest technology and easy integration .

We produce technologies that protect people, sensitive areas and technical infrastructures, and while doing this, we follow policies sensitive to the environment, habitats and climate change.

With our innovative support and technical training services we offer to our business partners, we assist you to use the defense systems more effectively.

Perfection in Defense!

Like all other Atmaca Group Companies, Atmaca Savunma ve Madencilik Inc. has determined its main motivation as “reaching the perfection”.

In our R&D studies, we aim with our business partners to find answers to the question of “What we can contribute to the Defense industry?”, and to build a safer future by discovering new ideas.

In addition to traditional defense systems, we follow digital transformation processes to meet the needs of Industry 4.0, and we work hard to be an important actor in this global transformation. We evaluate all the impacts of the “online” world in the defense industry – including social factors – and help our clients’ strategic planning processes.

A Safer And More Sustainable Future

We are determined to build a safer, more livable and more sustainable future for everyone in Turkey and in the World. Our corporate culture is shaped by principles aimed at contributing to increasing social awareness because of raising individuals who focus on human and nature and have purposes of growth and its conversation.

While Atmaca Defense and Mining Inc. guides the strategic planning and sectoral activities of all business partners, it never compromises the following principles:


Justice, transparency, high sense of responsibility and business ethics are the values ​​ are the basis of our behavior enabling us to establish a relationship of trust with our customers.


We believe that people can gain new skills and improve themselves, no matter how experienced they are. Hence, we direct all our employees to work towards their talents and interests.


The most important element of our corporate culture is to advance our existing technologies and encourage making new discoveries.


We know how important human values ​​and basic human rights are for a sustainable working environment. We always design our operational activities and the defense technologies we produce in a way that does not contradict these two universal bases.